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Speaker Manufacture
SMT Processing
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Bluetooth Products Production...
Cushion and Headband Sawing
Cable Assembly
UV Coating
Earphone Assembling
  We have a well equipped automatic production line, among which semi-automatic tin-paste printing machines can satisfy high precision requirements; automatic material feed and withdrawal are more smooth; YAMAHA YV100X SMT makes the speed and precision of surface mounting high level, capable of satisfying BGA demand, that is mounting various electronic components of less than 15mm and over 0402 on PCB of different sizes. Jingtuo GS-600 returning stove being divided into 6-section temperature increasing areas and 2-section temperature decreasing areas makes the temperature curve much smoother, capable of meeting requirements of different products. We use computer to set and monitor the temperature of each section; what's more, we have bought temperature meters from the UK to timely monitor the actual temperature inside. As a key project for our development, we will gradually increase the number of our automatic SMT machines and tin-paste printing machines. 
  As some of our products after SMT need post-welding processing, we currently have 2 line processes and 1 semi-automatic plug-in tin-saturation line. We always conduct various electric performance tests with 100% after visual inspections toward our processed products to ensure high quality products. 
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