Mould Manufacture
Plastic Injection and Molding...
Speaker Manufacture
SMT Processing
Spraying and Printing Process...
Bluetooth Products Production...
Cushion and Headband Sawing
Cable Assembly
UV Coating
Earphone Assembling
As the leading OEM/ODM manufacturer in acoustic product, we continue to improve the coating and printing process on acoustic product. We have spraying, UV coating, screen printing and pad printing on different kind of headphone product.  We have the following facility to keep the world classed printing quality of acoustic product.
1. Wind shield filter room before production to keep the cleanliness of the printing department.
2. Water shade tank used to recycling the waste water for environmental purpose
3. 2 automatic spraying lines to process 50,000 units of high quality plastic part every day.
4. 1 manual spraying line with 12 positions to process 80,000 units of plastic part every day.
5. 1 silk print line and 13 pad printing machines to process over 200,000 units of plastic part every day.
6.  8M length of drying equipment to process over million units of part per month.







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