Mould Manufacture
Plastic Injection and Molding...
Speaker Manufacture
SMT Processing
Spraying and Printing Process...
Bluetooth Products Production...
Cushion and Headband Sawing
Cable Assembly
UV Coating
Earphone Assembling
Equipped with an earphone assembling workshop of about 5,000sqm, over 10 finished product assembling lines, finished product packing lines and front processing lines, we can produce 50,000 earphones of different types per day.
We have a noise elimination room with good sound insulation installed in the finished product production line for our examination of the finished earphone's
volume and quality. We also have illustrated work instructions on all operation posts to guide and control the operation, every LQC operation post on the line performs 100% examination system. 
We are now taking steps to use computer testing systems instead of traditional oscillograph testing instruments, over half of the finished product assembling lines and half of our products being tested by computer. Moreover, we put a lot of investment in semi-automatic and automatic earphone assembling and are making the bulk of electric and pneumatic tools by ourselves, which makes our earphone assembling technique enter a new stage. We can produce various advanced electric earphones with surrounding stereo, automatic noise cancellation, USB and Bluetooth technology, as well as other common earphones of different grades.
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