Acoustic Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electronic Engineering
Software Engineering
Quality Engineering
3D Printer for Prototyping

Software engineering is an integral part of successful products. Our experienced software

engineering development team provides sophisticated software to meet customer’s need on

their wired or wireless headsets. We constantly explore ways to utilize or integrate new

technologies/platforms to offer better software for meeting our customers’ performance,

timeline, and cost requirements. Dedicated software testing engineers will also perform

rigorous testing to ensure the products are reliable, stable and user-friendly.


With the use of the below software tools and equipment, we are able to develop and test Bluetooth 4.2 compliant devices.

ComProbe BPA600 Dual Mode Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer
Agilent Technologies DSO-X 3052A MegaZoom Digital Storage Oscilloscope
CSR86XX/CSRA63XXX Development kits
CSR63XXX Configuration Tool V2
CSR8600 Parameter Manager
Microchip IS206X DSP/UI Tool
Airoha AB152X Config Tool
Airoha AB1522 Development kits

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